Kimberly and Michael's Wedding at the Geer Tree Farm

September 10, 2016

All week the weatherman was predicting Hurricane Hermine to blow through New England. It was scheduled to arrive on Kimberly and Michaels wedding day. A hurricane on your wedding day! All week I wondered if Kimberly was watching the weather as closely as I was. She was, and we both shared the sense of relief when the weather was perfect.

getting ready for wedding at Overlook at Geer Tree farm

We started the day with the girls at the hotel. 4 little monkeys jumping on the bed, then jumping into the whirlpool that took up most of the room. Beautiful girls, best friends and so very friendly. I told them I wanted them as best friends too, and I wasn't kidding.

I was told NO FIRST LOOK, NO REVEAL, NO PEEK. So we finagled around the vast Overlook, utilized the dressing room and a good time was had by all. The colors of the wedding: grey, black and red were PERFECT! Classy.

One of the hardest moments for me, especially when there isn't a first look, is the groom seeing his bride for the first time. The joy in Kimberly's expression assuaged the anxiety and their joy radiated throughout the gathering

The Overlook at Geer Tree Farm is a unique venue with an unmatched vista.

And it's perfect for a whole group picture! Right afterwards the fabulous staff of Matthews Catering had hors d'oeuvres ready to go. If you are looking for a caterer in Eastern CT they would be my first choice. Of all the times I've worked the same event with them there has never been a problem, and the staff is always outstanding.

The Overlook is the perfect place for your formal wedding party pictures.

First dances. Dances with the parents. Gets me every time.

The firepit at the Overlook provided an awesome background color for some creative ring images.

{Another shout out to Norm. My right hand and and certainly helps with the right brain function too.}

I was getting some equipment in the car, and this image just popped up. It didn't take too much imagination to remind me of Mt Fiji. The sun is going down behind me and was casting a slight shadow on the bottom of the tent with all the activity inside.

Thank you both for everything.

We wish you a lifetime of happiness.


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Maria Freitas

on November 12, 2016 02:31 PM
Wonderful pictures
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